The wonderful way people reacted to “free money”

Hypothetical situation: You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when you see a sign with $5 attached and a note that says: “For people in need only.” Manchester based website The LAD Bible decided to answer that question by staging a social experiment. They put out a sign, attached some £5 notes, and videotaped the way passersby reacted. And the results are really heartwarming!

In the three-minute video, most people either walk away without taking anything or remove notes to give to nearby homeless people. One man even adds £5 of his own! Only a couple of young men take the money, and are quickly called out by the rest of the crowd for doing so. Although the guys don’t give the money back, it’s pretty awesome that the crowd so quickly gives them a piece of their mind.

This was actually the second time LAD Bible put the public to a free-money test. In February, they uploaded a video showing how people reacted to a similar sign, and the results were a bit different. Although two homeless men each take a pound early on, the stash was cleaned out by young people. Does that mean the world has become a better place since February? We’d like to think yes.

Either way, it’s a mega interesting experiment, and we’re glad that so many people opt for helping others rather than filling their own pockets. Good on you, Manchester!

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