People are putting ladders in their bathrooms and it’s very confusing

Okay, we have to confess: We’re baffled by this new trend of people putting ladders in their bathrooms. We just don’t get it. This fad has been popping up all over the place — from HGTV to Pinterest, and everywhere in between. It’s part of the whole “quaint but chic” trend, which we are definitely fans of. We love the understated-but-classy style, but when it comes to people putting ladders in their bathrooms, we have to say we just don’t get it (and hey, maybe that’s just us!).

The trend seems to be this: Find a ladder (preferably wooden, and preferably old and worn). Stick it in your bathroom. Hang stuff from it, or use it as shelving (or both). Take photos for Instagram, obvs. The question is, why? There are far cuter (and probably cheaper and more accessible) shelving options out there which would no doubt go far better with your home decor.

Then there’s the safety factor. Ladders are not made to be decorative accessories, and they’re certainly not designed with shelving capabilities in mind. You’re supposed to climb ladders, not stick your succulents on them. This can be downright dangerous; your ladder can easily tip over or inexplicably collapse, damaging your home and potentially causing injury to anyone unlucky enough to be in the bathroom when it goes down.

Most people have a ladder or stepladder hanging around their home, and you should keep it clear of debris and decoration in case you actually need it. Of course, since this trend has taken off, retailers are now enthusiastically selling ladders specifically with decorating in mind. The question is, do you really want to spend your hard-earned cash on a decorative stepladder?

Usually we’re on board with cool new decorating trends, but as we said before, this one leaves us scratching our heads. It seems a bit unreliable and dangerous — but hey, if you love that look, maybe it’s something you want to go for.

If you do decide on decorating with a ladder (and using it for storage), make sure it’s as secure as possible. And if you have small children running around the house, be extra, EXTRA careful!