People are putting fidget spinners on their nipples, because of course they are

We might have just reached peak 2017. People are putting fidget spinners on their nipples because this is the world we live in.

So far, 2017 has been a wild year: We’ve seen the Babadook become co-opted as a new LGBTQ icon, Netflix is commissioning movies inspired by viral tweets (although the concept is amazing), and, for a brief period, Jeff Goldblum sold sausages out of a food truck. As they say, what a time to be alive.

And one of the most popular weird trends in 2017 is the fidget spinner. Originally proliferated in school playgrounds, everyone from children to adults are now infatuated with these turning tops. The toys have three pads that are attached to a central core. When the middle is held and one of the pads flicked, the thing spins. It’s meant to be a tool to help kids stay focused, but it seems to be having the opposite effect.

In fact, people have started making fidget spinner pasties, and they’re a sight to behold.

This started when 22-year-old Manuela Torres-Orejuela, a recent UCLA graduate, decided that she’d share her invention, fidgetiddies, on Twitter.

“[Hi] everyone i have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for,” she wrote, before sharing a video of the contraptions in action. false

Manuela’s tweet soon had many responses from users asking her just how she came up with this groundbreaking idea. false

Responding to requests asking where she got her fidgetiddies from, Manuela decided to upload her own instruction video, too. false

Speaking to, Manuela explained the inspiration behind her invention.

“I have ADHD and anxiety so the toy genuinely brings me peace and joy,” she explained. “I even decorated my graduation cap with fidget spinners for my UCLA graduation last month and it was a big hit with kids. 

“Since I used velcro to make the spinners stick on my cap, I ended up playing around with other places to stick them. Since I am a gender studies major and a vocal body positive feminist on my social media, it came naturally to me to put them on my breasts as an ironic and playful way to subvert patriarchy.”

Well, there you have it. Not only are fidget spinners the breakaway craze of 2017, but fidgetiddies are also a way to hit back against the patriarchy.

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