People with *this* personality trait have the most sex

We all know the saying “nice guys finish last” and honestly, I’ve never really bought into it. And apparently, neither does science. According to a study done by The British Journal of Psychology, nicer people have much better sex AND more of it than those who aren’t so kind.


The study, which is titled Altruism predicts mating success in humans, researchers found that “participants who scored higher on a self-report altruism measure reported they were more desirable to the opposite sex, as well as reported having more sex partners, more casual sex partners, and having sex more often within relationships.” The study also found that “sex moderated some of these relationships, such that altruism mattered more for men’s number of lifetime and casual sex partners.”

Sure, these people “self-ranked” themselves on how nice they are, but in my experience, if someone is rude and/or not so kind, they generally know it.

So basically, next time you’re out, you should probably rethink that bad boy you’re eyeing at the corner of the bar and give the nice guys a chance — science says so.


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