People are parodying Lush “bath bombs” and it’s getting out of control

If you’ve never heard of a Lush “bath bomb,” let’s get you up to speed. The fabulous cosmetic brand Lush basically created these balls of amazingness that fill your tub with essential oils, fragrances, and all sorts of wonderful-for-your-body goodness. All you have to do is drop them in your tub and within minutes, they fizz away and create a colorful and holistic bathtub experience. And to top it all off, they come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors for a whole array of bubbly adventures.

Sounds amazing, right? They pretty much are. In fact, people are so wowed by the experience, they’re starting to think that they can transform their tub-time into all sorts of, well, strangeness.

Inspired by the classic “bath bombs,” people everywhere are starting to do their own DIY versions of the transformative experience. And, um, let’s just say they’re going a little crazy with it.

Like, a “watermelon” bath bomb would be a little more complicated (not to mention probably better for you) than this one:

And an apple-inspired Lush bath bomb might remind you of a crisp and juicy Fuiji apple on a nice fall day. Not, you know, this:

Or if you want the feeling of being surrounded by trees but aren’t sure if just being “forest inspired” is enough for you, there’s always this bath bomb option:

In case you’re worried that you’ll get the actual Lush bath bomb tweets mixed up with the parodies… let us give you a quick tutorial. Real bath bombs fizz and create playful colors upon hitting the water. Parody bath bombs, on the other hand, look like this:

Yep. That was just a bagel being thrown into a bathtub. Now it’s a bagel in a bathtub, not a bath bomb bagel. Got it?

We certainly hope so. Of course, people are not just recording videos of their beloved “bath bomb” parodies. Plenty of people have been uploading their picture adventures with their make-believe bath bombs.

While most of them are pretty funny, TBH, people are starting going a bit overboard with the parodies by showing pictures of things that definitely should not be put in the tub with you.

Bath bomb lesson #2: A Lush bath bomb in the tub is fun and good for you. A toaster in the tub is very, very bad. Are we clear?

So if you’re new to the bath bomb world and have done a quick Twitter search to get up to speed on what they might offer, just make sure you take a minute to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones. The real ones will give you a luxurious and relaxing experience. The fake ones will probably make you laugh, but should most definitely not be attempted at home.

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