This new episode of “People Of New York” must be sent to your Mom immediately

People of New York is a series of mockumentary shorts in which actor/comedian Jessie Komitor delves into the lives of different New Yorkers. We saw her creepin’ at the dog park in “Joey,” something I’ve been known to do I must say. She hilariously embodied the trust fund socialite our society is so fascinated by in Lauryn.” And now, “Nancy.”

I grew up with an overbearing Jewish Mother. Lox, whitefish salad and anxiety. In fact, I grew up around a lot of Jewish mothers. A woman so protective, so overbearing, she can’t sleep until she knows your first solo NYC apartment has sufficient air conditioning. (And it does, Mom – I promise. I called the landlord. Yes, I have a fan in case it’s on the fritz. IT’S MARCH. I’M FREEZING. LEAVE ME ALONE.)


We will always look up to our mothers, because when it comes down to it, they are our greatest role models. They’re an endless well of love and support. No one will be more proud of the promotion you got or your new haircut or the sheets you got on sale. Honestly, no one will even care. But you know who will? Mom. Even if she HATES your new haircut. She is the only one that will genuinely care.

So the next time you see your mother, give her a break. She’s trying her best. And guess what… as soon as you pop one out… you’re going to immediately be checking the thermostat.

So watch, enjoy, laugh and call your mother. Introducing… Nancy:

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