People had a lot of struggles with their hoverboards this holiday season

The future is officially here. We’ve got hoverboards. And we’re really, REALLY bad at using them, apparently.

This Christmas, a lot of folks got hoverboards for Christmas. Super cool, right? Except it turns out that it’s really, really easy to wipe out, leading to a lot of holiday hoverboard fails. Hey, practice makes perfect, and at least it’s teaching us what NOT to do if we ever try out one of these terrifying things.

Like, no offense to this guy, but the kids are WAY better at hoverboarding than he is:

It’s probably best to try hoverboarding for the first time on a soft surface. Luckily, this kid seems OK after his rough landing:

Again: SOFT. FLOORS. Let’s try out our hoverboards on a nice fluffy carpet! Or. . . painful hardwood floor.

Also, if you want to take a video of your hoverboarding skillz, maybe give someone else the camera.

Seriously, though.

Probably the best part of this one is the kid in the background saying, “Is this gonna be one of those fails?” Well, she gave it her most valiant effort, but yes, it’s a fail.

The dog’s like, “C’mon, man, this isn’t a good idea.”

Warning: Other household objects may be broken indirectly by the hoverboard.

This guy proved that even if you’re initially getting the hang of it, hoverboards can trick ya when you’re least expecting it.

It’s OK, guys. Practice hard, and eventually you’ll become as good as this little guy.

Lessons learned? Try it on a soft surface first, don’t get too cocky, let someone else video-tape you, hoverboard with plenty of room, aaaand maybe just don’t hoverboard at all.

(Image via Instagram.)

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