People have lost their GD minds over this mirror nail polish

While summer nails usually tend to be either super bright or simple and airy, this year’s summer trend is dramatically different. We learned today that the new rage in the nail world is a “mirror” polish. AND EVERYONE’S LOSING THEIR MINDS OVER IT.

Sold by BornPretty, this new, chrome-like polish is a futuristic dream. And while you can’t actually fully SEE yourself in this “mirror” nail polish, we’re still loving it.



We love this matte black and mirror combo with a different mirror polish by China Glaze:

As the following Instagram video points out — it definitely takes some time to apply. You first start with a clear bottom coat, followed by a few metallic coats to create the uber-shimmery effect.

But the finished product is pretty amazing.

You can also use a mirror polish, this one from Marc Jacobs, just on the tips of your nails to create a cool, look utilizing negative space:

We’re SO excited to try out this trend. The set isn’t too expensive either — $9.99 for both! Happy shopping!

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