People keep finding ginormous diamonds in this park, and now we want to go, obvs

In April, we learned that Arkansas resident Susie Clark found a 3.69-carat white tear-shaped diamond on the ground in Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park and we were like “Um, we need to make a road trip to this diamond park happen, like, yesterday.”

Now we are DOUBLY invested in making our diamond road trip a reality because we just found out ANOTHER lucky lady found ANOTHER rad diamond in the park. “Crater of Diamonds,” pssshhh, more like “Vending Machine of Diamonds.”

As Colorado’s 9News reports, Colorado resident Bobbie Oskarson was at the Crater of Diamonds on Wednesday when she found what she thought at the time was a quartz crystal, but after letting the park’s staff take a look, learned it was, in fact, a diamond. And this diamond isn’t just any old diamond. No, no, no. It is an 8.52-carat diamond and it is the fifth largest diamond found since the park was established as a diamond site in 1972.

Of course, a diamond this awesome needs a rocking name, stat, and Oskarson was all ready with a rad moniker for this sparkly little beauty. She dubbed the diamond the Esperanza Diamond. It’s named after her niece and “esperanza” is, as Spanish-speaker know, español for hope, because don’t we ALL hope we look down at the ground one day and just happen to find an 8-carat diamond?

Oskarson is planning on keeping the diamond, because OF COURSE SHE IS. Meanwhile, we are, more than ever, planning our epic road trip to this park where dreams come true. We’ll bring the snacks, you bring the car games, and, with hope, we’ll all find diamonds on the ground when we get there.

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