People are freaking out over this photo of an owl with long legs

Having a rough morning at work and looking for a distraction? Or just bored af? We’ve got something for you. The latest viral photo spawned from Reddit is a super weird one. Apparently, owls have super long legs, and someone has a picture to prove it.

Lo and behold:


The internet is unsurprisingly going insane over this owl discovery: false

And while some think it’s definitely bogus: false

Others are insisting that it’s real: false

If you google owl skeleton, you do see a lot of long gams. (Side bar: are we the only ones that think it looks like a little baby t-rex?)

Now, people on Reddit are sharing a variety of bizarre information about owls, such as:

“In Chinese, they are called ‘cat head eagles.’”

Hmm, was not aware.

“The problem is the size of the owl’s eyeball. It’s just so massive they can’t even turn their eyes. Their eyes are fixed in their skulls as a result.”

Didn’t know that.

“The first freaky owl fact I learned was that you can see their optic nerve and the back of their eyeball if you look in their ear.”

Def didn’t know that. Omg.

People are also going somewhat bananas over the owl’s facial expression in the second photo. He looks PISSED that his feathers are literally being ruffled.

One commenter writes, “The ‘eyes up here’ glare that owl is giving in the second pic.” and another with a pun, “Hoot do you think you are?” Lol.

We don’t know really what to do with this information. What a weird world.