Why are people freaking out about this $400 hair dryer?

Household hair dryers have existed for almost a century, and since their invention, they’ve gone through a lot of changes. But there hasn’t been a change as big as this one since… maybe ever.

Dyson unveiled its first-ever hair dryer today, and it’s revolutionizing the hair drying game. The coolest part is that the Supersonic hair dryer doesn’t exactly look like a hair dryer. It’s equipped with the familiar, somewhat normal-looking handle, but the rest of it is just a rounded, hollow space — sharing the same look as the company’s bladeless fans that were introduced in 2009. It’s also super quiet.

So basically if the Jetsons were to use a hair dryer, this is what it would look like. We’re finally almost the Jetsons, you guys!



The Supersonic not only shares the same aesthetic as blade-less fans, the technology is also the same. The hair dryer features Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, which uses a powerful motor and tiny jets to blow a thin sheet of air, as opposed to the big gusts of air you’re used to getting with a hair dryer that has blades. It also has a digital motor and heat sensors.

See, the heat that comes out of a normal hair dryer can do a lot of damage to your hair, because it doesn’t have the capabilities of cooling itself down if it gets too hot. While testing the Supersonic prototype, engineers used thermal cameras to watch how the heat was dispensed over hair strands.


According to the official press release, the Supersonic hair dryer makes sure your hair isn’t subjected to too much heat:

Other covetable features include:

1. High-pressure airflow, which allows for more “precise” styling.

2. Four heat settings and three airflow settings —these allow you to achieve a bunch of different styles.

3. A new, patented V9 motor.

As innovative as the Supersonic is, it’s not surprising that it’s pricey. Like, really pricey. It’ll cost you $400, but Dyson’s engineers think it will encourage beautiful, healthier hair. So maybe it’s worth it? Based on the history of Dyson products being pretty superior and desirable (shout to to my Dyson vacuum that sucks up dirt and literally anything in its path), this hair dyer seems to be no different.

For the most part, people seem SUPER excited about the product:

While others can’t quite get over the price:

“For decades, people have just accepted a subpar [hair drying] experience because no one was offering them anything else,” Stephen Courtney, Dyson concepts director said.

The Supersonic is currently only sold in Japan, but it will be available at Sephora stores in the U.S. this fall.

So maybe, just maybe our hair drying experience will soon change forever. If we can afford shelling out $400, that is.