People have a lot of feelings about how early pumpkin spice coffee is coming back

Doesn’t it feel like pumpkin spice latte season comes earlier and earlier every year? The leaves have barely started to turn! We haven’t even taken our chunky scarves out of storage! We haven’t even asked our stylists to “add in some caramel strands” to our ombré!!! Yet here we find ourselves, twenty-one days before the autumnal equinox, completely submerged in pumpkin-flavored beverages, cookies, and cheesecake ice cream.

The arrival of the PSL (regardless of which coffee chain you procure it from) is a time-honored tradition of fall, but it’s also a harbinger of the end of summer. Goodbye linen, hello wool. It is our White Walker, appearing in the Westeros of our lives to say, in its own frothy words, “Winter is coming.” Perhaps that’s why internet reactions to Pumpkin Spice’s pre-Labor Day appearance were filled with lots of emotion, positive and negative. Here are some people who just needed to let it all out.

This guy is ready to RIOT.

I mean, same.

Sometimes, you cannot resist a pumpkin spice COOKIE, even if you’re mad about the COFFEE.

PSL is an excuse to get the fall spirit!

This is sound advice.

PSL for breakfast!

It’s not basic. It’s PUMPKIN.

Well, here’s another downside to pumpkin, if you needed it.

You can always send this GIF to whoever thinks twice about accessorizing their drinks and food with pumpkin spice.

But then there are those who bring up a good point: WHAT ABOUT CARAMEL APPLE, HUH?

Some feel that the stars have realigned just ever so slightly when PSL comes back to town. They’re probably not wrong.


Happy PSL season! Even if we have to be sneaky about it.

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