People are feeling a lot of feelings about Kylie Jenner’s Christmas tree tweet

Gather ’round for the latest Kardashian internet ~drama~, holiday edition! The Kardashian-Jenner fam is known to share their fair share of holiday fun on social media, but some people seem to think that Kylie crossed the line with a Christmas-related tweet.

All she tweeted was, “I can’t wait to get my tree up for xmas.” Sounds pretty innocent. Looks pretty innocent. In fact, it sounds and looks like a pretty basic phrase you might see during the winter holidays from just about anybody who’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Unfortunately, there was some religious backlash about Kylie’s abbreviation of the word Christmas.

Allow the corrections and mini-rants to commence. false false

Because the holiday Christmas comes from the Christian tradition, known as the day Jesus Christ was born, there are folks out there who aren’t comfortable with the “Christ” part of Christmas being shortened to a simple “x.” Some consider this a secularization of a religious holiday, which is understandably upsetting for those who partake in Christianity.

Kylie hasn’t responded yet to this controversy, but something tells us she didn’t mean to offend anyone with this simple abbreviation. Come on, y’all, the girl was just excited to put up a Christmas tree!

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