More people in the U.S. support same-sex marriage than ever before

If you ever wonder why it’s so important to actually give rights to people, take a look at this new study done by the Pew Research Center. According to a new survey, more people than ever support same-sex marriage, especially since the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 defining marriage as a constitutional right. It’s not that there’s a direct correlation between the ruling and support for it, but since it’s been law, people who once opposed same-sex marriage have really come around to see that it’s a good thing.

More Americans than ever before, 62 percent, favor same-sex marriage. This is a pretty big deal. Just back in 2010, only 42 percent of Americans favor gay marriage. Just in the past year, support for marriage has gone up from 55 percent this most recent approval rating of 62 percent.

People are really changing their minds about same-sex marriage.

Among groups that was formerly more likely to oppose marriage for all — like Republicans, African Americans, Baby Boomers, and young evangelicals — support has grown. Maybe because they’ve seen that giving a group of people the right to marry doesn’t undermine their own right to marry. Republicans are important, since they vote. Back in 2013, just 33 percent of them approved of same-sex marriage. Today, it’s 47 percent.

The numbers are similar for the other groups, too. Except for older Evangelicals and the Silent generation (the Baby Boomers’ parents): they’re really stuck in their ways. But they’re old, right? It won’t be long then. (Kidding, kidding, we hope everyone lives forever.)

But really, it’s people who identify with a political party and vote that are most important, since that’s who the LGBTQ community has to hope will come out and support them if their constitutional rights are ever in danger. And those people are finally realizing that same sex marriage won’t set the Earth on fire. People’s opinions on the issue still tend to depend on how much money they make and their level of education.

According to Pew, 79 percent of people with a post graduate degree approve of same sex marriage, whereas only 53 percent of people with a high school education or less do. Is that awesome? No, not at all. But it is something that those with lesser education are over the 50 percent mark.

The LGBTQ community faces just as much discrimination as ever and although the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a right, there are still opponents out there ho disagree. There are countries in which it’s not even legal to be openly gay. Hopefully, the trend of supporting LGBTQ rights keeps up.