12 things all people who don’t wear color know to be true

The older I get, the less I’m drawn towards patterned tops and floral dresses. I don’t know if adulthood is ruining me, or if I really do look better in muted, basic tones. To some, that may seem boring and unadventurous, but nothing makes me happier than a clean grey shirt and black jeans (or an LBD!). Eschewing all color from your wardrobe is a big step and with it comes both challenges and perks.

Here are 12 things people who don’t really wear color can totally relate to!

1. Your favorite shirt looks exactly like all of your other shirts.


2. You always look like a Debbie Downer at summer parties.


3. Your version of “bold” is a red lip.


4. Underwear shopping is a nightmare. So. Many. Colors.


5. When you don’t know what to wear, you just wear all black.


6. The only acceptable pattern is stripes.

7. You can’t borrow your friend’s clothes because they’re all “too loud.”


8. When you’re deciding between outfits, your friends can’t tell the difference.


9. Wearing floral feels just as conspicuous as going topless.


10. Going to the nail salon means getting your nails painted the same shade of light pink every time.

11. You never have to separate your clothes when doing laundry.


12. The difference between acceptable and unacceptable is sometimes just a single sequin.