People You Didn’t Know You Should Tip (But Definitely Should!)

It’s now common knowledge that a hard-working, charming server at a sit-down restaurant deserves a little something extra after the check is paid. Thanks to smart phones, nearly everyone has access to a user-friendly tip calculator. But what you may not know is that there are other people providing you with services who not only accept tips, but very much deserve them! Below are just a few people you may not have known you should be tipping.

1. Your Hairstylist

I know that it can feel like a huge splurge to get your hair done professionally, but let’s be honest, it is worth every penny. If you leave your salon feeling like a million bucks after each visit, then maybe you should consider shelling out an extra twenty bucks or so, specifically for your stylist. The truth is, the man or woman you trust with your locks has a very busy schedule and a Rolodex full of clients. They made room for you in their appointment book, and a tip will not only make them feel appreciated and thus want to do the best job possible, but you might also even see that money returned to you on future visits. (Discounts on foils, perhaps?)

2. Hospitality Staff

Hospitality workers may appear to have an easy job, but let me tell you from experience, it is not as easy as it looks. Sure, you may feel relaxed, happy, and thankful to have a vacation with your family, but the truth is that countless people show up to hotels already grumpy and looking for things to complain about. Often times, guests will book through a third-party website and then complain about not getting the deluxe suite like the travel agency commercials said. This complaint is obviously out of the hands of the front desk agent, but, occasionally, there is an upgrade available, and a tip (or even just an understanding, friendly demeanor) will cause the agent to feel more compelled to grant you that upgrade (maybe even at a discounted fee!).

Also, I just want you to imagine yourself working a housekeeping shift at a hotel. Think of all the people these underappreciated folks have to clean up after. The work of a hotel housekeeper is demanding and extremely fast-paced. If you are staying more than one night at a hotel, always, always tip your housekeepers.

3. Chefs and Cooks

As I mentioned before, servers are commonly tipped in restaurants. What you probably didn’t know is that the people preparing your food usually don’t receive anywhere close to the amount of tips collected by servers (that is, if the cooks get tipped at all). So if you have just had the best steak of your life, consider tipping your cook separately. This is especially important if you receive mediocre front-of-house service, but delicious food. Don’t let the cook’s tip suffer because the server didn’t do his or her job as well as anticipated.

4. Babysitters and Nannies

This is probably the most important one! Your babysitter provides you with the single most important service in your life. Whenever I supported myself as a nanny, I was earning well under minimum wage, and I even had people asking if I would watch their child five days a week for $8 a day! You may pay your babysitter very well, but it is still a good idea to set aside a little extra money in the budget every month or two to just surprise your babysitter and make him or her feel appreciated and valued. Babysitting is emotional, hard work. Acknowledging the importance your nanny holds in your life will make a huge difference! Another great idea is to present your nanny with milestone gifts. For example, if he helped to potty train your son, surprise him with a gift card to Amazon when you finally get passed the diaper stage. If she taught your kids to ride a bike, get her flowers and a coffee gift certificate. Appreciate your nannies, because they are so important.

The bottom line here is to just remember that everyone could use a little extra appreciation every now and again. If you can’t budget in a monetary tip, leave a note, or pull the employee aside to express your gratitude. Money pays the bills, but kind words are surprisingly rare and valuable, too!

Katie Closter is a mom, actress, video game nerd, and aspiring screenwriter from the Pacific Northwest who spends her time watching Netflix, cooking, and dreaming dreams too big for her head. She believes that there is room in the feminist movement for compassion, kindness, and bright pink lipstick.

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