People are convinced that Ryan Gosling looks like a young Alec Baldwin, and the evidence is insurmountable

It’s time to play that age-old game of celebrity doppelgänger. This time, the contestants are Ryan Gosling and a young Alec Baldwin, who the internet believes to be the spitting image of each other.

For some reason, there’s something pretty satisfying about seeing two people who look so much alike. Whether it’s Emma Watson’s twin (not really her twin, but C’MON, they’re IDENTICAL), this Bradley Cooper look-alike, this person’s grandmother who looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson, or celebs that are practically identical twins with their children, like Reese Witherspoon, it’s always fun to see how similar two totally different humans can be.

Yet we would have never pinned Ryan Gosling and Alec Baldwin as twinsies.

However, as Teen Vogue pointed out, when you place two pictures of these two actors (albeit at different times in their lives) together, the resemblance is pretty mind-blowing.

In fact, people on social media can’t seem to quite believe what they’re seeing. false

Okay, so we know that if Baldwin decides in the near future to make a movie about his younger life as an actor, he could *totally* cast Ryan Gosling. Because this resemblance is UNCANNY.

In fact, could Ryan Gosling actually be Alec Baldwin from the past? Like, has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? So many questions.