People cannot get over how emo Tom Brady looked at the 2018 Super Bowl

There are fans of the Super Bowl, and then there are fans of what happens at the Super Bowl. Ya know, the buffalo wings, the commercials, the dips, the halftime show, the cheese plates, the awkward moments…such as Tom Brady letting his inner emo out. Aside from all the #sports that occurred today, people could not get enough of how emo the quarterback for the New England Patriots looked at today’s game.

Though we don’t know what’s currently going on in Brady’s mind — and we honestly don’t want to because we can’t imagine the STRESS — we have a feeling his current state has something to do with the Super Bowl score. While the Philadelphia Eagles won at a solid 41, the New England Patriots were at 33, making it so the Eagles won their first championship since 1960, according to Bleacher Report. Regardless, Brady has already announced that he will be playing next year, so this outcome probably won’t get him down.

More importantly, we’d like to get back to emo Tom Brady.


People love emo Tom Brady.


People also love sad Tom Brady.


Some even made emo Tom Brady a drinking game.


Though Tom Brady may be emo and sad right now, we have a feeling he’ll be fine. Brady’s estimated net worth is $180 million, so this probably won’t set him back too much. Plus, he told ESPN: “Yeah, you’re gonna see me playing football next year. I don’t envision not playing.” Then again, that was before the outcome of the 2018 Super Bowl, so maybe things have changed?

Regardless, it sounds like Tom Brady and sad Tom Brady are here to stay.