People are calling on Olivia Pope to handle the election results

Yesterday’s (November 9th) election results were pretty shocking for some people as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. In fact, so perturbed were some people that they called on the only person they could think of. Some people wanted Olivia Pope to handle the election results.

Given that Scandal is about to start its sixth season next year, people were calling out for Olivia and her colleagues at Pope and Associates (i.e. her Gladiators) to swoop in with her white hats, hacking skills, and less than legitimate means to sort out Trump’s win.

Usually when a seemingly catastrophic political event occurs, Olivia is there to say, “It’s handled.”

Taking to Twitter, people where asking where the Gladiators were.


"Where is Olivia Pope? We need a Defiance, Ohio."

Those of you who have seen Scandal will know that Olivia, along with Mellie Grant, Hollis Doyle, and Cyrus Beene, stole the election for Fitzgerald Grant by rigging the voting machines in Defiance County, Ohio.

While we’re *sure* that people weren’t saying that the election should have been rigged so that Hilary Clinton won the electoral college vote, it seems that some really did want the Gladiators to help out in this troublesome time.


(Nice Justin Bieber pun there.)

Twitter’s surge of requests was so strong, in fact, that “Olivia Pope” started trending on the social media platform.

However, as Kerry Washington pointed out on Twitter, Olivia isn’t real ?

"OLIVIA POPE is trending. But Olivia Pope is not real," Washington wrote. "Whats real is the need for love today. LOVE yourself. Take CARE of you & your loved 1s.


Of course Olivia and Scandal is all fictional (thank GOD), but it’s nice to see that people can turn to someone, fictional or not, in a time of need. So, if you need us we’ll be over here making popcorn, drinking a very expensive bottle of red wine, and binging Scandal for the next four years.

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