These people burned their favorite childhood toys and our nostalgic feelings are totally destroyed

Who wants to live in a world where people voluntarily burn their favorite childhood toys? Sounds like pure madness, right? Well, brace yourselves: This toy-burning happened IN REAL LIFE and we have this torturous footage from Super Deluxe to prove it.

If you can handle it, then we’ll share it, but we must warn you that it is slightly more traumatizing than the time someone sawed Teddy Ruxpin into pieces in order to satisfy their curiosity. Sure, some of these childhood toys didn’t meet our expectations, but why not just donate them?

Honestly, we have yet to recover from that Teddy Ruxpin childhood-ruining travesty, so we have no idea how you’ll ever come to grips with knowing that someone’s Lamb Chops went up in flames and we are definitely not talking about the last thing you ate.

Just look at this shit, y’all. WHY WOULD ANYONE EVERRR?!

*weeps nostalgic tears*

Well, apparently this experiment is because these grown-ass individuals had something to prove to the world: that they are 1) grownup and 2) shouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with their old-school toys, to which we say, whatevs.

Look at this guy who grew up and totally turned his back on his beloved (or so he says) Thomas the Train pillow that undoubtedly got him through many nights. He claims it’s “upsetting to have to see him go,” but whatever dude. We can see your BS through the smoke and flames.

Obviously, we will continue to stand in solidarity with adults who still hold tightly to their childhood mementoes because this burning feels like inflicting unnecessarily cruel and unusual punishment on toys that didn’t ask to be purchased in the first place.