Why people are bummed about this “Pitch Perfect 3” cast photo

It seems like everyone is getting pumped for the release of Pitch Perfect 3 in July of this year. Even though it’s exciting to see the Pitch Perfect cast post photos on Instagram that chronicle their work on set, people can’t help but be disappointed about what they’re witnessing. It seems like there’s some size discrimination happening amongst the Pitch Perfect stars.

If you look closely at the pictures Rebel Wilson and Ester Dean are posting, you’ll see that the Pitch Perfect women who fit the conventionally slim body type are wearing halter tops and tank tops that show off more of their beautiful figure. However, the Pitch Perfect cast members who are rocking bigger body types are left to wear short sleeve shirts that cover up their beautiful figures.

As you can see in this pic, Rebel is the only one wearing a scoop neck, short sleeve striped number, while the other two Pitch Perfect ladies are wearing the kind of tees that show off their shoulders, collarbones, and arms.

Here’s another picture of the Pitch Perfect 3 cast.


Although they all look stunning, it’s easy to see that Ester is the only woman wearing a cap sleeve top. It’s a bit disappointing that plus-size women aren’t given the same opportunity to show off their bodies, because Rebel and Ester are just as sexy and just as beautiful as the other Pitch Perfect women.

Our culture has shown us time and time again that women with bigger bodies aren’t considered as desirable as those who are on the thinner side — and that’s not the kind of message we want to send to young women out there. Because every single body is beautiful, no matter the size.

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