When people body-shamed this amazing Mexican gymnast at the Olympics, Twitter beautifully defended her

Alexa Moreno is an incredible athlete for a few reasons. First of all, guys, she just competed in the Olympics in Rio — specifically she competed in the vault, beam, uneven bars and floor exercise events in the artistic gymnastics qualifications. So that’s amazing. Secondly, Moreno represented Mexico at the Olympic level in a sport that very rarely has Mexican representation.


Look at her go!!!!


Moreno, 22, ended up in 31st place in a big moment for Mexican gymnastics.


But because social media can either be the best thing or the worst thing in the world, a few pathetic viewers decided Twitter was a platform for shaming Moreno’s strong, athletic build.


This gross Tweet translates to, “The Simpsons it did again, they predicted Alexa Moreno’s weight.” false

This nauseating Tweet translates to, “The Mexican gymnast, Alexa Moreno, in her second jump. The pig was already eliminated.”

Disgusting and wrong, and completely ignorant of Moreno’s historic accomplishments. Thankfully, you can find far more messages on Twitter praising Moreno as an inspiration and supreme talent, and directly challenging the body shamers.

Probably though.

Yes. false

Honestly, what do they think this is accomplishing? Alexa Moreno is still a better athlete than you will ever dream of being.


End of story.

As translated by BuzzFeed: “A Mexican in the #ArtisticGymnastics is rare and historic. Alexa Moreno, you’re great!”

As translated by BuzzFeed: “Alexa Moreno, I love you and it makes us proud to have a Mexican gymnast in the Olympics. Keep training, we believe in you.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9WvMFRdwic

Incredible, Alexa.

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