These people ate the world’s spiciest chicken wings on a blind date, and it’s truly hard to watch

Depending on who you ask, there’s an opinion that certain foods should be avoided when you’re going out with a new person. But these people who ate the world’s spiciest chicken wings on a first date obviously threw caution to the wind and said eff all those dating do’s and don’ts: Let’s throw down on some fiery chicken that was prepared in the pits of hell.

According to Mashable, two very brave strangers named Shannon and Tom took on Facts. filmmakers’ challenge of eating these insanely hot wings, which were infused with Carolina Reaper. That’s the world’s hottest pepper to those of you who actively (and smartly) avoid consuming stuff that turns you into a sweaty, weeping human-dragon hybrid.

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Shortly after taking a seat at Dublin’s Just Wing It, Shannon and Tom quickly introduce themselves and then prepare to throw down (or up, which is a very real possibility). They start out with medium buffalo wings, and Shannon immediately begins to clear her throat. Oh no. Who else is thinking this date won’t end well?

Amazingly, they power through and even manage to have, ya know, an actual date. They ask one another all they typical questions like “What’s your type?” and “What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?” Meanwhile, they’re busy chowing down on some Mango Habanero wings — the hottest on the menu — but miraculously, neither of them has asked, “Is your esophagus still intact?”

Then they move on to THE 666 WING (!!!), which is clearly the devil in chicken form, and things get a little shaky:

Welp, if it works out for Tom and Shannon, they can officially consider themselves a match made in hell.