People in Arizona are baking cookies in their cars because it’s so damn hot outside

While most of us are getting ready to enjoy long, warm summer days and Grease-inspired summer nights, the folks in Phoenix, Arizona are baking cookies in their cars because it’s just WAY too hot. Yes! Summer is in full effect and Arizona, along with the rest of the Southwest states, seems to be getting the hotter end of the deal. Temperatures in Phoenix have hit a sweltering, record-breaking high of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

This isn’t just unpleasant (because who likes sweating?) but also potentially life-threatening. When temperatures rise above 110 degrees, the human body can’t cool itself down, which may result in a death stroke. To help prevent this, the city has opened 47 cooling centers, but fire crews have reported an increase in heat-related emergencies despite the city’s efforts.

But of course, there’s always some fun to be had in most situations…

Folks all over Arizona have been posting photos and videos of how they’re making the best of the heat.

A couple of creative Arizona residents decided to satisfy their sweet tooth by attempting to bake cookies in their cars. The process looks like it took about an hour and a half based on one user’s timestamps. We’re not sure we’d sample these sweet treats, but we’re definitely getting a better idea of just how hot it is!

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Even the street signs are melting. false

And our fury friends are suffering, too.

Forget cookies, some took it up a notch with frozen pizza and eggs. false false

Seriously, it’s so hot people are driving around with mittens on because their steering wheels are scorching.

We hope everyone stays safe in this heat, and please let us know how those snacks turn out.

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