People are styling their hair into Christmas trees, because hey, ’tis the season

We have a feeling this holiday hair trend would be right up Cindy Lou Who’s alley. Hairstylists and DIY-ers of Instagram are styling their hair like Christmas trees because, well, why the HECK not? It’s the holiday season, after all! Deck the halls. Joy to the world! Do you, girl.

To achieve this spectacular look, you’ll only need a few materials and a whole lot of patience. According to Marie Clairethe Christmas tree shape is created by pulling your hair up around a water bottle or a foam cone from the craft store. Some stiff paper rolled into a cone shape might also do the trick.

Then pile on the hairspray — the more the merrier, literally. Pick up a spray with a green tint, if you’re feeling a bit extra.

Once those locks are glued into place, adorn your “tree” with ornaments, tinsel, glitter, what have you.

Or, you can put some LED battery-operated lights up there and really go ~all out~. More is more when it comes to Christmas tree hair!

There are probably some of you who are reading this and rolling your eyes. “Why would anyone do that?” you ask. Well, we have ugly Christmas sweater parties, right? And we deck our houses out in rainbow Christmas lights, right? So why should we leave our hair out of the fun?

And look at how creative people are getting with these hairdos.

Don’t want to go full cone-head for your family Christmas party? Fair enough. Just stick some bulbs in your hair if you’re after a subtle look.

Search “#Christmastreehair” on Instagram to get some great inspiration. Then share your own creation with the world! ‘Tis the season of giving, so give us some strong Christmas tree hair goals to fuel our holiday spirit.

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