People are sharing their best work-related email burns on Twitter, and it’s fire

Many a job requires the use of email these days, and it can actually be pretty stressful. Because written communication is an art form, and it can be tough to strike that perfect balance between “polite and professional,” and “WTF?!” Which is why people are sharing their best professional clapbacks on Twitter, and the rapid-fire responses are so relatable.

No one wants to be passive aggressive at work, but sometimes there’s no way around it.  We all know the person who forwards the thread of 100 previous e-mails with zero context, or the guy who answers your multiple, non-yes-or-no questions with a simple, “ya.” (Bitter? Us?)

And in the end, sometimes you just gotta serve up a slice of subtle fire as you hit the ol’ send button. And doing it well is an art.

So without further ado, here are some of the best professional email clapbacks the internet has to offer:

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SNAP! Oh, the joys of working in an office.

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Now before you hurry off to decipher your own office emails, know that they’re generally not something to stress about. If you’re on the receiving end of a weird email chain at work, know that people say and do the most bizarre things when they’re under pressure.

Humans are complicated beings.

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Happy Wednesday! Let’s all have a smashing day at work.