People are seeing Donald Trump’s face in this dog’s ear, and you actually have to see it

In your daily dose of weird, people are seeing Donald Trump in the ear of a dog. That’s right.

It’s technically a case of pareidolia — seeing familiar faces or shapes where they don’t exist. Like when people see Jesus in their morning toast. And this time, it’s Donald Trump in an adorable beagle’s ear.

Dog owner Jade Robinson had to take a picture of the inner ear of her beagle, Chief, for his veterinarian because the family’s two-year-old pup was feeling a little under the weather. After snapping the photo, Robinson didn’t initially see anything “remarkable” about the photo — even though she must have zoomed in about 20 times, she told Mirror UK. It wasn’t until Robinson’s friend pointed out that Chief’s inner ear held an uncanny resemblances to the Commander-in-Chief that she noticed it (see what we did there?).

Robinson decided to share the image with the internet, and it quickly went viral.

Now, meet Chief, the latest internet sensation!

He even has his own Instagram account, but hopefully all the fame won’t go to his head.

Unfortunately, the part of Chief’s ear that catapulted him to internet fame was actually a painful site of inflammation that needed to be examined by his vet ASAP. If you’d like to donate to Chief’s vet bills, the family has set up a Crowdfunding account with the hilarious title: Get Trump Out of Chief’s Ear.

Robinson said she’s happy that her dog is able to put a smile on people’s faces. “There’s a lot of negativity on the internet and to me, it’s the little things that make me smile and it’s nice to know Chief has made people smile – even if it’s his ear.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Chief! And we hope you feel better soon.

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