Dirty Secrets: People on TikTok are Revealing they Only Wash this Undergarment Once a Year

Shocking laundry revelations that’ll surprise you (or gross you out!)

Catie, also known as @average_at_best on TikTok, has a dirty secret to get off her chest: she only washes her bras once every 365-days.

This revelation led to the video going viral, with more than 50,000 likes and many commenters surprisingly agreeing with Catie’s unhygienic laundry practices. One stated that they wash the undergarment, “whenever I accidentally grab it off the floor with the other dirty clothes and throw it in the washer,” while another admits, “once every solar eclipse at this point.”

But not everyone agrees. “Are you guys just not stinky at the end of a workday? Like I know that if I smell then my bra also smells at least a little. 3 days is pushing it,” argued @five.head.freak.

As a bra expert, I’m inclined to agree with the commenter above, and advise against bra wearers going the shockingly long length of time Catie goes without laundering her over-the-shoulder boulder holder. 

The rule of thumb is to wash it every time you wear it, if you tend to sweat a lot, or have oily skin, and at the very least, after every other time you wear it. That’s because the dirt, sweat and oils in our skin can break down the elasticity of the materials, causing it to wear out faster. And who wants that? 

Jené Luciani Sena
Jené Luciani Sena is an accredited journalist and internationally-renowned bestselling author, regularly seen on national TV outlets such as Access Daily, Today and Dr Oz. Touted as one of Woman’s World Magazine’s “Ultimate Experts,” she’s a TEDTalk speaker and a busy Mom of 4. Read more