People are now filing legal complaints over those women-only “Wonder Woman” screenings

Nevermind that women have been waiting literally centuries to achieve the same status as men in society. No, no, my men friends. Please tell us about your oppression! This week, angry men the world over took time out of their busy schedules to troll Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Facebook page in protest of the theater chain’s women-only Wonder Woman screening events.

Because you know, gender-based pay inequality? Meh. The fight for reproductive rights? Not really that urgent. The ubiquity of sexual assault and violence against women? It’s fine. But a handful of showings exclusively for women, by women, in celebration of women? Aw, HELL naw!

In fact, these brave men feel so passionate about inclusivity (at least when it affects them) that they’re taking their complaints to court.

Yup, that’s really happening. And it’s all thanks to law professor Stephen Clark, who doesn’t live anywhere near Austin, by the way, he actually teaches at Albany School of Law in New York.

At first, Clark even admitted to seeing the value of a celebratory, women-only screening of the first women-centered superhero movie in 12 years, the first of its kind ever directed but a woman. But when he visited the movie theater’s Facebook page and started reading management’s appropriately snarky responses to the men’s ridiculous claims of discrimination, Clark. Got. Pissed.

“There was a vibrant argument happening on Facebook, Clark told the Washington Post. “But when the theater responded to complaints, they were pretty snide about it and willing to mock anyone who had a complaint, and that really struck me.

He added, “There is also the fact that what they were doing is illegal.”

Good thing you tacked on that last bit. Otherwise, it would’ve just sounded like you were wounded by some women not caring about what you think.

Nevertheless, he persisted. Clark researched Austin’s city code and filed an administrative charge with the city’s Equal Employment and Fair Housing Office, alleging that the event discriminated against male customers based on gender, and claiming that the theater’s promise of a women-only staff at the screenings amounted to employment discrimination, too.

And according to City of Austin spokesperson Alexa Muraida, more people have filed complaints in response to the theater’s decision to host an event for only women. Muraida said the city is “investigating” the charges.

For now, we guess these guys will just have to find a reason to go on living in this “unjust” world. Yet another example why we need Wonder Woman in the first place.

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