People are creating their own IKEA Frakta clothes, and it’s getting a little out of control

Recently, a Balenciaga handbag went viral because it looked just like the IKEA Frakta shopping bag that pretty much everyone has stuffed somewhere in a storage closet from the last time they moved or did laundry. As IKEA itself recently pointed out in response to the $2,145 blue designer bag, the Frakta bags are totally washable, foldable, and costs just a buck at the register. But imitation is the highest form of flattery, which is the only way to explain why people are making their own clothes from IKEA Frakta bags and sharing them on Instagram.

IKEA should probably take notice and get on making their own clothing line — who doesn’t love a very, very blue Frakta bag that can also be a pair of sneakers? (Don’t answer that.)

You have to admit that Balenciaga was on the right track with their oversized shopper bag. If it wasn’t the exact same color as theIKEA shopping bags, people probably would’ve been signing up on waitlists for them. Until you can afford the Balenciaga Arena bag, people have come up with some great pieces to add to your collection.


At least you know they’re waterproof.

FRAKTA Messenger Bag

This is not a bad idea, TBH.


This is parody, right?






Keep your IKEA cash safe.

It’s really no new thing that Balenciaga ripped off a “regular” design, like IKEA’s shopping bags, for their latest collection.

In 2014, Ashish Gupta’s sent handbags shaped like everyday Tesco plastic bags  — only sequined! — down the runway. And remember the Louis Vuitton plaid laundry bag from 2007? It’s not just big designers that found inspiration on the street. Even smaller labels, like the Brooklyn-based Saint Catello, has a handbag that riffs on the iconic New York City bodega shopping bag. They’re all actually pretty cool, even if the design inspo comes from simple plastic bags.

Copying a very useful or iconic shopping bag is one thing — but maybe lay off the DIY sneakers and tank tops made out of plastic bags.