People are complaining that the 2018 Golden Globes are too political, and come on

There’s no doubt that the 2018 Golden Globes are about more than awards, celebrities, and red carpet fashion. Between the black dress protest and the speeches that touch on politics and women’s issues, this is definitely one awards show that is making a big statement. But while this statement is both powerful and very necessary, not everyone is happy about it. In fact, many people are complaining that the Golden Globes are too political to watch, and to that we just have to say one thing…come on.

Yes, it’s true that this year’s Golden Globes are very political, but considering all that has gone on in Hollywood and in the world in general, it’s almost impossible not to be political right now. Many in attendance are wearing all black in recognition of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. The protest is bringing attention to women’s rights, not just in Hollywood, but everywhere.

Many speeches and interviews have touched on women’s rights, whether in a serious way or with dark humor. Some have also joked about or brought up the Trump administration, like host Seth Meyers during his opening monologue. It would be fair to say that the stars there are talking more about these important issues than their movies or TV shows. But is that such a bad thing?

According to a lot of Twitter users, yes, it is. A lot of people are sick of hearing celebrities talk about politics:

Some people are refusing to watch the show at all:

Sure, political conversations can feel exhausting and overwhelming. But can you imagine if the Golden Globes ignored these issues altogether? It would be a disaster. Considering how many in Hollywood have been accused of sexual assault the past few months, Golden Globes attendees have a responsibility to say something.

But many people feel like celebs have no place speaking about issues like these. Whether it’s because they feel like actors are for entertainment only or because they simply don’t view them as people who can have credible opinions, it’s not really fair. These women and men are more than just the movies and TV shows they star in, and if they have the chance to stand up and speak about an issue on a wide public platform, why wouldn’t they take it?

The other thing to note here is that the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are about more than just celebrities. As Seth Meyers noted in his opening monologue, “Most of the people on film sets work long, hard hours — those people aren’t there thanks to their rich dad.” Stars were protesting for those who don’t have the privilege to do so, and that is so important.

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