Twitter is livid at Apple for slowing down our old iPhones

Many iPhone users believe in the conspiracy that Apple slows down our older phones after releasing a new model. Some believers claim this is a tactic Apple uses to “force us” into buying their newest iPhones (guys, you don’t have to buy a new iPhone if you don’t want to). But if it gives you any solace, Apple admitted that they have in fact been slowing down old iPhones. Conspiracy theorists can rejoice this one time.

On December 18th, the company behind an iPhone processor speed-detecting app, Primate Labs, released data showing that the company’s iPhone 6s and 7 slowed down as they aged. On December 20th, Apple confirmed that they do take steps to reduce older models’ power demands, which in turn can slow down processing speeds.

Contrary to conspiracy theorists’ belief that the maker of the iPhone is villainously shutting down phones through some massive tech grid, the problem actually stems from the phone’s lithium-ion battery. The older the iPhone battery gets, and the more charging cycles it racks up, the less successful it is in supplying the peak current that the processor demandsTime reports. iPhone batteries can be replaced for $79 if not under warranty, yet the brand has stayed fairly quiet about battery replacement.

People have been complaining about slowing iPhones for years. And since Apple finally confirmed our suspicions, old wounds have been reopened.

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With the knowledge that the tech company is behind our phones’ premature deaths, many devoted iPhone users might turn to other brands in the future. And we know, we know, conspiracists — you warned us!

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