People ages 5 to 75 revealed their life goals, and their answers are actually refreshing

Apparently, most people really value the simple things, regardless of what stage of life they’re in at the moment. Glamour recently asked a group of people ages five to 75 to reveal their life goals, and as it turns out, the majority of them expressed a desire to just be happy, and who can’t relate to that?

Sure, we spend a ton of time casually tossing around the #LifeGoals label whenever someone does something motivational like this inspiring 41-year-old gymnast who is a total badass, or even when Sarah Michelle Gellar shared summer vacation posts, but that’s actually because these people and their accomplishments or surroundings, no matter how simple in appearance, represent things that make us *really* happy inside.

While some of the other popular responses included financial independence and the ability to travel (we also feel these goals *so* hard, TBQH), the refreshing thing about this experiment is how it demonstrates the fact that children, teens and adults alike are all basically searching for the same thing.


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While we’ve doled out a ton of solid advice on the many ways to make yourself happy, the final takeaway from this life goals experiment is that it truly is okay to set goals that won’t necessarily make an overachiever run away in terror or those that don’t involve world domination (as one panelist mentioned, which we still totally support).

Overall, hearing that the pursuit of happiness reigns supreme on the list of many of these people’s life goals makes us really, well, happy.