This Pennywise pin is so darn cute, I think it cured my fear of clowns

Like many others, I’ve long had a fear of clowns. It started when I watched the It mini-series back in the day, and watching Pennywise come to life in the feature film (in theaters now) certainly hasn’t helped with that fear — nor did going through “The It Experience.”

But I may have just found something to help me conquer my fear of clowns and it’s this Pennywise pin.

Honestly, it’s so damn cute. How could you be afraid of Pennywise after looking at this? The pin, technically called “Pinnywise Pin by Tomi Monstre,” comes from Yesterdays, and costs $10. I don’t know about you, but I have just the denim jacket for this…


Yesterdays has a bunch of other pop-culture pins I want to throw my money at — like Boba Fett.

The infamous Star Wars bounty hunter as *actual* boba? This goes for $10, and you bet it’s being added to the cart. Like, right now.


And speaking of pop-culture food jokes, here’s E.T. in a burrito.

Something tells me Steven Spielberg would love to get himself one of these $10 gems — if he doesn’t have one already.


And Spielberg would have to be eyeing this $10 Jurassic Park pin too, right?

What better way to commemorate the “Clever Girl” scene.


Here’s an “Enchanted Rose” pin, which is perfect for any fan of Beauty and the Beast!

Feel like Belle, and for only $10!


How about a ‘lil tribute to Han Solo?

$10 will get you this “Carbonite” pin, so you can wear your love of everyone’s favorite out-of-this-world smuggler.


If you’re feeling witchy, check out this “Poison Apple” pin.

Get in the spooky spirit of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with this $10 pin, which — wait for it — GLOWS IN THE DARK.


There are a lot more pins at Yesterdays’ site — pop-culture related and otherwise. Which is to say, goodbye money ???!