Just a reminder to everyone terrified of Pennywise in “It” — Bill Skarsgard is behind the creepy clown

Pennywise is a horrifying, terrifying, nightmare-inducing clown and, in effect, It is a very scary movie.

I admit, I’m especially affected by clowns. I watched the 1990 mini-series in middle school, and it sort of scarred me for life. (I’m sure listening to Sufjan Stevens’ “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.” on repeat didn’t help either, but Sufjan is just too damn good not to listen to, you know?)

After watching the mini-series, sometimes I would lie awake at night, unable to fall asleep because my anxiety put me in #CLOWNWATCH mode. But I ultimately found a way to deal: When I’d get really freaked out, I’d remember that behind Pennywise was an actor. Which may seem obvious, but it really helped — just try for yourself.

Behind the mini-series’ Pennywise



…is Tim Curry!

Here’s a photo of the actor — whom you probably know best for his turn as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show — attending the mini-series’ 1990 premiere.


Not so scary anymore, right? Right! And the same can be said for the latest version of the creepy clown.

Behind the film’s Pennywise…



…is Bill Skarsgard.

Here are some totally not frightening photos of him at the film’s Los Angeles premiere this week. Just look at that face, and try to tell me that you’re freaked out. Oh, that’s right…YOU CAN’T.


Better yet, he brought his brothers along for the ride. And that’s got me like, “I ain’t afraid of no CLOWN.”


Okay, this one is a little, um, unsettling. But, we think he’s just leaning into the role.


And now, we’re back to normal again! Well, sort of.


Last time I saw good ‘ol Billy onscreen prior to It, he was helping Charlize Theron fight off bad guys in Atomic Blonde, so while Pennywise was wreaking havoc, I’d just think of that. (Because any friend of Charlize is a friend of mine, or so I’d like to think.)

And hey, maybe you want to be as horrified as humanly possible. You do you, but to those like me who need a coping mechanism, this is a pretty good start — in my not-so-humble opinion.