The internet wants Pennywise from “It” and the Babadook to be in a relationship

The internet can be a scary place. But sometimes, its powers are used for good — even when that good takes kind of a scary form, like in the case of shipping Pennywise and the Babadook. With Pennywise the clown being immensely popular again, thanks to the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It, the internet decided that he and another horror movie figure, the Babadook, would make for the most adorable, frightening gay couple the world has ever seen.

If you somehow missed it, the Babadook became an unlikely LGBTQ icon in 2017. When the Australian film The Babadook came out in 2014, Netflix allegedly placed the horror film in its LGBTQ genre by accident, and the jokes about a gay Babadook came fast and furious. Countless memes later, he evolved to become an actual icon for the LGBTQ community.

But as for the Babadook’s new boyfriend, the origins of the internet’s latest favorite couple appear to come from Twitter user @kumivenarts, who drew a picture of Pennywise and the Babadook going on a date. false

In the replies, @kumivenarts mentioned that @starkrhodey influenced this idea, but @starkrhodey’s original tweet has since been deleted. false

Still, the response has been explosive, with most of the internet loving this horrifying — yet somehow adorable — pairing.



But there are some downsides to this new internet couple. Some have mentioned that it isn’t actually a good thing for the gay community, considering that both Pennywise and Babadook terrorize children.

Another drawback is that some fans are saying It’s true form is actually that of a female spider, meaning the Babadook wouldn’t be in a true gay relationship if he dated Pennywise. false

But as the It in King’s books is really a shape-shifting alien who takes on many forms, there’s no reason for this tidbit to take away your joy of imagining this evil coupling. After all, that makes It kind of gender fluid, so Babadook dating It can still make the LGBTQ community proud.

So while you might be having nightmares about the movies It and The Babadook, now you can have pleasant daydreams about Pennywise and the Babadook going on balloon-filled dates.