There is now a Pennywise-scented candle for “It” fans who just haven’t gotten their fix

Yeah, we’ll admit it. A Pennywise-scented candle does not sound great. “What could it possibly smell like?” you ask. “Sewers and dead things?” Actually, it smells like quite the opposite — and thank goodness for that.

The Pennywise candle from Get Fictional is something that all It fans need in their lives. Its scent is that of fresh rain and crisp apples, with a hint of caramel and cloves. You can pick one up in a 12 oz. jar with either a cotton or wood wick ($16), a 9 oz. jar with a wood wick ($12), or a 4 oz. jar with a cotton wick ($8).

The Pennywise candle can be perfectly paired with a good (and scary) book.

Get Fictional specializes in matching a scent to your favorite read. When you’re done burning Pennywise, we recommend you check out the other candles Get Fictional has to offer in their shop.

For example, the Dragonstone candle will fuel any future queen of the Seven Kingdoms with its scent of ocean, driftwood, and dragon’s smoke.

Or how about the Claire and Jamie from Get Fictional’s Outlander collection? Claire is a fresh combination of black tea, cloves, and sage, whereas Jamie is more robust with hints of Scottish forest, earthy spice, oak moss, and sandalwood.

All of Get Fictional’s candles are 100% soy, which means they burn clean and will last throughout your entire binge read of your choice novel. The shop also offers a wide selection of Halloween-themed candles if you’re looking to put a little more pumpkin spice into your life.

But if you’re like us, you’ll be perfectly happy burning your Pennywise candle while reading the book and watching the movie at the same time. So what if we’re obsessed?