Pennsatucky (aka, Taryn Manning) is in a new movie, and it’s super important

Best known for playing Orange Is The New Black‘s Pennsatucky, fave Taryn Manning is starring in a new movie focused on an incredibly important issue that can never be talked about enough: bipolar disorder.

Manning opened up about her newest film, A Light Beneath Their Feet and it’s *so* important.

“Most artists, whether musicians or actors or painters or poets, there’s this depth of sadness, but with that comes this ironic take on life,” Manning told Bustle. “So I think that’s a part of me, finding the lightheartedness in such a dark world. I feel like that’s my life a little bit, with the things I’ve been through.”

She clearly plays a lot of really difficult roles, and this one is no different. She’ll be starring as Gloria, a bipolar woman who suffers from depression when she goes off her medication. The movie promises to be totally moving, and to humanize women who suffer from mental illnesses like bipolar disorder.

She was nervous about the role, and about making sure she understood bipolar disorder well enough to play the Gloria.

“I think people infer a freedom in me that I definitely have,” she said. “I have what I like to call an ‘astronaut ego.’ So it’s like basically, in real life, I’m very shy. I’m actually really, really shy, and kind of quiet and reserved. But when the cameras start, I don’t know, it’s like something comes over me.”

According to her talk with Bustle, she even got feedback from bipolar people to make sure she was doing a fair and accurate job with the role, which is so important when you think about representing a group you aren’t a part of.

Watch the trailer below!

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