The first trailer for Disneynature’s Penguins is absolutely adorable AF

Disneynature has brought us some truly wonderful documentaries. With adorable journeys into nature with movies like Bears, Chimpanzee, Born in China, and Dolphins, Disney has given us amazing and adorable looks into nature. While a lot of documentaries give us snapshots into a world that most of us will never see firsthand, Disneynature has introduced us to the wonder of nature while also telling us moving and compelling stories about the amazing creatures that live in some of the most majestic places in the world.

Now the geniuses at Disneynature are back with a brand new documentary about penguins. Even better, in the eighth documentary to come from the happiest documentary company on earth, appropriately titled Penguins, follows one very wonderful Adélie penguin, named Steve.

In a newly released clip, we get a look into Steve’s everyday life, his love of walking on the beach (and tripping — but let’s give him a break, it’s icy) and collecting rocks. When he finally meets the one penguin for him and they have two little baby penguins, Steve must care for his progeny while his partner is away. Life is rough in the Antarctic, and Steve will not only have to fight to battle the elements and predators, but he’ll have to work to keep his family safe and happy. The trailer is nothing short of precious, and is just the sort of pick-me-up that will turn any bad day around, because there’s nothing better than watching a precocious penguin stumble around on the ice, right?

Penguins will be released in movie theaters on April 19, 2019, just three days prior to Earth Day, and looks like it will be a heartwarming, charming adventure for the whole family. Because whether you’re looking for a film to take kids to, or you just need something cute in your life to cheer you up a bit, Penguins looks like it will be the type of movie to brighten anyone’s day. We can wait until we get to meet Steve and follow him on his adventures through the Antarctic!

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