It’s the Peggy Olson/Drake mashup we didn’t know we needed

YouTube user Alex Pompliano just brought Drake back to the 1960s by setting “Started from the Bottom” to scenes of Mad Men’s Peggy Olson rising up to the glass ceiling and crushing it. Already viewed by over 27,000 viewers, Peggy’s ascent from member of Sterling Cooper’s secretarial pool to fierce boss lady fits perfectly with Drake’s anthem. We had no idea how perfect this would be.

Starting with Peggy slow-motion strutting down the office hallway, the video intercuts wide-eyed Peggy with the more self-assured woman she ends up becoming. It documents Peggy’s hustle over Mad Men’s seven seasons, which is exactly what Drake is rapping about. As YouTube user Retroholmes told Pompliano in a comment on the video, “You win the Internet.”

(Image via AMC)


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