Peeps-flavored Oreos are officially out, and we don’t know what to think

So, we knew that this might be a possibility. But now, it’s been confirmed — Peeps-flavored Oreos will be available for Easter, and we just know that they’ll end up in our baskets this year. Why? Well, despite the fact that they seem a bit strange, we love Peeps and we love Oreos, and we love trying brand new food creations.

Really — how bad could they be?

The food rumor started up last October, and Oreo fans were pretty upset about the whole thing. Even though the brand has been taking on a lot of crazy dares recently, many felt like this move would have taken things way too far. (Now’s a good time to remind you that “Cool Mint” was once a thing. And, don’t forget about “Caramel Apple.”)

Popular Instagram account thejunkfoodaisle just reported that the Peeps Oreos are currently available through That means that they’ll probably be hitting shelves very, very soon.

It looks like the frosting in-between will be pink. At least it’ll stay true to Peeps-form. In fact, while we have yet to try the new Oreo, we have a feeling that it might somewhat resemble their daring “Birthday Cake” flavor.

Still, it’ll be very hard to change the minds of Oreo enthusiasts who have been fearing this reveal for months.

We think that we all might need to relive last year’s slang, and remember YOLO. The worst thing that can happen? We end up wasting a few bucks on some overly-sugared cookies. The best? We discover a combination like no other. And since they’re limited edition, they won’t be haunting the cookie aisle at your store for very long.

We just need to trust Oreo on this one. Even though the original projected availability date falls in March, you’ll want to make sure to keep an eye out the next time you shop for groceries.

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