Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are reuniting at Netflix, because the movie gods are kind and generous

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele worked together for years on MADtv, and on their hit Comedy Central show. We were all just a teensy bit devastated when they decided to wrap the latter, Key and Peele, to pursue their own projects, but felt a bit hopeful when statements were released that said the two hoped to work together again in the future. So far, it seems like that’s the case, because Key and Peele are working together once again on a new movie for Netflix called Wendell and Wild.

The latest from Key and Peele, Deadline reports, will be a stop-motion animation film directed by Henry Selick. The basic story is an idea Selick came up with a few years ago that focuses on two demon brothers (voiced by Key and Peele) who have to face down their biggest enemy, a demon buster/nun named Sister Helly and her two proteges. Selick and Peele are teaming up to bring the script to life, and Simon & Schuster are even working to release a movie tie-in book, which will be released in conjunction with the film.

This project was initially announced back in 2015, but nothing came of it.

HOWEVER, Netflix has stepped up to finance and distribute the film, and we couldn’t be more excited. Key and Peele have awesome chemistry together, and we think they’re going to be utterly hilarious as two scheming, demon brothers. PLUS, stop-motion animation movies are so fun to watch on their own, and pairing that medium with two hilarious actors is just going to make it 10 times better.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a release date yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for deets. We’re just so excited that a new Key and Peele project is coming to our Netflix queues soon! Let’s keep adorable pics — like their now-famous Oscar love fest, hot off of the Get Out writer-director’s win — coming too…

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