The latest Instagram nail art trend includes gluing pearls onto your fingers, and we’re into it

Over the last few seasons, nail embellishments have slowly and not-so-quietly overtaken what we’ve long thought of as the main form of nail art—painted on designs—as the must-try trend. Our favorite iteration of the trend? Dainty pearl nail embellishments.

One of our favorite nail artists, Park Eunkyung, owner of Seoul-based salon, Unistella, has been demonstrating different ways to wear the look on Instagram. Eunkyung is widely known as the innovative creator of many other popular nail trends, like shattered nails, bracelet nails, and diamond nails.

As you can see from these photos, the look is best worn with bare, nude, or pale pink nails to not distract from the pearls themselves.

We especially love the concept of glueing pearls not only onto your nails, but onto your fingers, too. Is it the most practical nail art trend of all time? No, but hello, does anyone remember pom pom nails?

According to Nail It! Magazine, you have plenty of options when it comes to how to actually glue embellishments onto your nails, from a thick coat of top coat to nail glue. Whichever way you choose to experiment with the trend, we have a feeling that pearl hand and nail embellishments are here to stay.

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