Pearl hair is giving us heart eyes

We know, we know — how many possible ways can you change your hair color? The answer is INFINITE, and we bask in the glorious realm of beauty and style possibilities out in the world. So does Nylon, which recruited four of its staff members to test out yet another hair trend: Pearl hair.

Now, your first instinct might just be to go, “Pearl hair? Isn’t that just white hair?” But if you look at a real pearl, there are so many other colors reflected back out and within. And, there are many different kinds of pearls: White, sure, but also rosy, golden, and of course, black.

The Nylon staffers asked four different colorists to do their own interpretations of “pearl,” and the results have us scrambling to add yet another enviable look to our future hair color wish list. There’s this version, which mimics sand art hair in style but not in intensity:

When you’re working with less hair, does that impact how you deal with color? Both yes and no; this more muddled take on a shorter cut is a little static in pictures, but must look amazing IRL:

This subtle, dark take on pearl is all about adding a touch of color and grabbing the eye, like a pearl peeking out of an oyster.

And then there’s this rose-hued look, which has almost gold and purple undertones and is definitely going to be tacked onto colorists’ stations.

We’re in love with all of these renditions, and with the other takes on #pearlhair on Instagram. For more instructions on how these Nylon staffers got their pearl hair, check out the full article.

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