Now you can have your peanut butter and jelly, and drink it, too

We don’t know that anyone exactly asked for a peanut butter and jelly-flavored bourbon, but it sounds like a pretty good idea. This blended beverage by forward-thinking malt makers Aske Stephenson is a real honest-to-goodness PBJ in a bottle, and believe it or not, it seems like it’s actually a hit.

According to Firebox, this concoction is based on bourbon and rye, but then flavored with nuts, homemade raspberry syrup, and Himalayan rock salt. The whole thing is topped off with a raspberry-scented wax seal. In their review, Master of Malt calls says that you truly can taste the childhood inspirations “…not comically so, this is still a whiskey cocktail, but it’s definitely there. The rye in the bourbon complements both, one moment it’s nutty rye, the next fruity, with corn adding roundness.”

The makers of this nutty cocktail in a bottle are Aske Stephenson, a London-based artisanal alcohol company with a penchant for innovative blends. Their other most popular creations include Revery, a gin, beeswax, and acid phosphate brew, meant to be mixed with soda for a cocktail, and another bourbon mixed with leather and walnuts that comes with it’s own mini bottle of absinthe for mixing.

According to Drinks International, bottled cocktails like this peanut butter and jelly bourbon are on the rise as a food trend, no longer relegated to big plastic bottles on the bottom shelf of the liquor store. While typically they’ve been a dumping ground for poor ingredients covered with artificial flavors, expert mixologists and companies like Aske Stephenson have found success using the bottled method as a way to push artisanal drink mixes made with unusual, high-quality flavors out of individual bars and into the market.

What other childhood favorites would you like to see mixed with spirits and re-branded as classy adult drinks? Is it too much to hope for a Capri Sun margarita?

(Images via Aske Stephenson, Twitter)