The peach emoji looks like its bootylicious self again, and people are hilariously relieved

Emoji enthusiasts, rejoice. The peach emoji looks like its old self again — so, it looks like a butt. And as you can imagine, the Internet is relieved.

Recently, Apple updated iOS 10.2 with the first iOS beta, full of a fresh crop of emojis. But along with these new emojis, fans found that some of the old emojis were redesigned — including the beloved peach emoji — and they were not too happy.

You see, Apple had turned the peach emoji into something a little too realistic-looking. For many emoji enthusiasts, the appeal of the peach emoji came in how much it looked like a butt rather than an actual peach.

Thankfully, the Internet can breath once more because Apple has corrected their mistake and changed the peach emoji back to its butt-like familiarity.

And who could blame them? Emojis are becoming increasingly important to how we communicate online, and changing one as beloved as the peach emoji could mean not-too-great business for Apple.

We’re glad that the peach emoji is back and better than ever — and so are a lot of other people.

Are you relieved, too?