Woman with PCOS writes letter to her younger self, inspires us all

Harnaam Kaur, a 24-year-old UK-based woman, has grown up to become the role model she never had.

At the age of 11, Kaur was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (also known as PCOS) after hair began sprouting on her face. Before long, she was growing a beard to accompany the abundance of body hair on her chest and arms. This caused for unimaginable bullying to plague the young woman’s life, leading her to tragically consider suicide when she was only 16 years old.

Kaur began to embrace her condition as an adult. After she was baptized as a Sikh – which is a religion that prevents members from cutting their body hair – the strong woman wanted to promote body positivity. She wanted to help others find the self-confidence she lacked during the formative years of her life.

When she discovered makeup brand Illamasqua’s #LetterToLittleMe campaign, Kaur felt inspired to participate. This endeavor motivates women to write letters to their past selves, messages that are filled with positivity and heartening advice. “You don’t see your self-worth, you don’t love yourself, and you haven’t embraced the compassion inside you that your soul is waiting for you to unleash,” Kaur writes to her younger self. “When will that time come when you unleash the real you? You need to speak louder, hold your head higher, make yourself be noticed, show people that you have a voice.”

“Open your big beautiful brown eyes and see; see what you have to [live] for, see what you are giving up and see the [lives] that you will later [save],” Kaur beautifully emphasizes.

We’ve also included the full message here because this is a stunning letter you won’t want to miss:

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