You need to watch Paul Rudd be 100% sassy to “Captain America” fans

Are you Team Captain America or Team Iron Man? That’s the big question Captain America: Civil War is asking us, and with the movie opening in three short weeks, the window to choose a side is slowly closing. Would you rather hang out with Steve Rogers or Tony Stark?

…or would you rather hang out with SCOTT LANG? All past, present, and future Avengers are stopping by Civil War, and that means Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is once again suiting up. In a huge promotional push for the movie, when you declare your side on Twitter, the Avengers will actually answer you back, either telling you that you’ve made a good decision, or chosen poorly. Most of them are simple stock responses, with a beaming Chris Evans welcoming you to the team, or Anthony Mackie asking you what the heck you were thinking??

In the case of Rudd’s responses, they’re not just “Good job!” or “Booo.” They are 100% sassy, and 100% hilarious, and though we didn’t think it was possible, we now love Rudd roughly 200% more. How so? He’s started telling nice people on the internet that they “suck,” but this is Rudd we’re talking about, so it’s ridiculously charming.

He tells this Twitter user Nate that he’s probably made really horribly decisions in his life.

Poor Logan is now an “idiot.”

And Ian and Vanessa are now dead to Paul Rudd.

So sorry to everyone out there named Hunter and Cassie, because Rudd doesn’t like you.

Also Rudd hates this Greg in question.

The saddest thing in the world might be seeing Rudd disappointed in you, and he is so disappointed in you, Katie.

On the other hand, Connor is now the luckiest dude in the world, because Rudd calls him a “damn good looking man.” So is Jared.

Wait, maybe Greg is actually the luckiest dude in the world, because Rudd suggests a camping trip that the two of them could take together!!

Rudd’s not mad at all girls named Katie, and calls this one a sweet girl.

Meanwhile, Ken is Rudd’s hero.


And if all else fails, you might just be Rudd’s favorite person on the internet.

This Twitter campaign is still currently going on right now. So go head, tweet your allegiance, and Paul Rudd might call you a doofus on the Internet.