Watch Ageless “Millennial” Paul Rudd’s Hilarious PSA on Wearing a Mask

"Masks? They're totally beast."

Paul Rudd is using his greatest gift (eternal youth) for the greater good. In a viral PSA video, the “actor and certified young person” tries to appeal to millennials—you know, like him—to urge them to wear their masks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Ant Man and Clueless actor, who is actually 51, was brought on by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to create the video for his Mask Up America Campaign. Or, as Rudd explains it: “A few days ago I was talking on the iPhone with my homie Governor Cuomo and he’s just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks because, get this, apparently a lot of COVID is transmitted by us millennials.” This is in-line with various health officials’ warnings that many young people, while not thought to be as high-risk for being severely affected by coronavirus, may be asymptomatic and unknowlingly continuing its spread..

Rudd, dressed in a matching sweatsuit and snapback hat with headphones around his neck, continues: “So Cuomes asks me, he’s like, ‘Paul, you’ve got to help. What are you, like, 26?’ And I didn’t correct him.”

So, fam, let’s real-talk. Masks, they’re totally beast, Rudd says. So slide that into your DMs and Twitch it.

Rudd continues for another minute filled with internet slang, convincing all the “hypebeasts” watching that wearing masks and caring about other people is cool. The montage even includes a fake phone call with Billie Eilish, a reference to Rudd’s appearance on the “Hot Ones” web series, and his take on viral TikTok challenges.

“You want a challenge? How about a ‘stop the pandemic’ challenge? What about that? What about a ‘save grandma’ challenge?” Rudd says while simultaneously busting out TikTok-esque moves.

Jokes aside, there’s a bit of a tone change at the end and Rudd gets serious (for a moment, at least), solidifying his message to not only millennials, but everyone.

“Just wear a mask. It’s easy, it’s simple,” he says. “Please, it’s not hard, people are dying. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and it’s preventable. It’s preventable. Just wear a mask. I shouldn’t have to make it fun, it’s science!”

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