Paul Rudd just recreated a classic Mark Ruffalo meme, because we all deserve nice things

It’s a well documented fact that Mark Ruffalo *loves* his Avengers costars, and it turns out that at least one loves him just as much. Paul Rudd recreated a classic Mark Ruffalo meme on an Avengers red carpet this past week, and it is everything and then some. I personally can’t think of a better way to kick off a chilly spring week than with the Mark Ruffalo meme perfectly executed by Paul Rudd. So take a deep breath, put down that coffee, and prepare yourself. You’re about to have a moment.

For those who might not remember, the Mark Ruffalo meme launched in 2014, when he was so excited to run into his costar at Comic-Con.

Well, not run into, exactly. In the precious and viral clip, Rudd is being interviewed in the foreground, when an amazed Ruffalo passes by. The awestruck way he looks at his fellow actor, mouthing to someone behind-the-scenes “Is that Paul Rudd?” will instantly endear him to you, if you didn’t love him already. BTW, why wouldn’t you love him already? Just saying. Anyway, here is the origin of the incredible Mark Ruffalo moment, if you jump to the 3:10 mark:

Okay, great. Now that everyone has re-familiarized themselves with this incredible moment — an all-caps SAME if there ever were one — it’s time to see 2.0.

Here is Paul Rudd adorably recreating the Mark Ruffalo meme, and if your heart just exploded, that’s okay!

A wild Rudd appeared!

Right? Right? It’s too cute for words. Also, Rudd’s version was so over the top, you just want to hug them both. It’s hard to tell if Ruffalo was messing with his buddy at the time, or if he was genuinely awestruck to be in the presence of Paul Rudd. Either way, relatable. Can someone politely remind Ruffalo that he’s famous, too? Like, he only plays Hulk in about a million Marvel movies, not to mention, he’s a gem in everyday life. Thank you for this blessing, men of the Avengers franchise. Next time, you should both team up and do it to one of the Chrises.

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